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The most flexible manufacturing shop management software that gives you complete visibility and control.

Training Overview

5 Levels of Learning Content

JobBOSS ² offers FIVE levels of training to fit all learning styles. Because users all learn differently, whether you prefer to learn online at your convenience, as an organization or group, or within a larger gathering of your peers, we can cater a learning approach specific to your needs. Each TRAINING OPPORTUNITY IS designed specifically to assist and guide you through your implementation phases.

JobBOSS ² training. Have training your way

1. Job Control 2-Day Workshop

Included in the Learning Pass for the first year - send your two key implementation employees to our wide variety of training locations around the US and Canada.

2. On-Demand Recordings

Unlimited free access annually with paid maintenance

  • Short videos providing just the help you need to answer the questions that you have. 3-15 minutes in length. Short, to the point, and get you going on your way.
  • Available via the customer portal 24/7 for assistance/training when you need it.

3. Instructor Led Online Training

Unlimited attendance included for the first year with the JobBOSS Learning Pass.

  • Learn from a live instructor, ask questions, and interact with other JobBOSS customers.
  • Do not risk training in your live database. With the instructor overseeing your work and providing assistance, use our online labs to apply what you have learned immediately.
  • Comprehensive materials are provided for each online class used for the hands on work exercises, and provide additional reference following the class.
  • Classes are segmented by various roles. Employees can attend just the training they need.
  • New hires can get up to speed quickly and effectively with live instruction.
  • Classes are all recorded and available 24/7 , allowing for maximum control of your implementation JobBOSS Learning Pass can be renewed annually.

4. Built in Help Guides

Included in the software available immediately by pressing F1

  • Get the exact guidance you need when the question arises.
    • Example: In Quoting and unsure how to add routings? From the Quoting screen press F1 and the help for Quoting specifically appears. No need to search through thick manuals, get information you need immediately.
  • Content is always up to date on the release that you have installed. You are not relying on old manuals to guide you.
  • Customize your help files by bookmarking important content as a favorite, making it easy to locate next time.

5. Training Database

Included in the software install

  • Your employees get the flexibility to play around without impacting your live database
  • Practice entering in data examples and create test cases
  • Training database has customers, vendors, materials, jobs, etc for you to play around with

6. Training and Consulting Bundles

Ensure your team applies what they learn. With the combination of instructor led training and onsite consulting, employees are able to learn the functions of the software and then apply it to your business specifically. We have designed success learning bundles for topics like material management, quote and order processing efficiency, and on-time deliveries. To learn more about these learning bundles, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additional personalized services are available to assist in your implementation. Services include Advanced Classroom Training, Onsite or Remote Consulting, and Custom Programming. Depending on the scope of your implementation, we provide all avenues of training and consulting to meet your needs. For further information, contact your JobBOSS ² Sales Representative at 800-777-4334.

Making life even easier for modern job shop owners

JobBOSS2 provides all the tools and functionality job shops need to stay on top of their day-to-day responsibilities and long-term goals. You can find many exciting product improvements, including:

Alora Machine Intellegence Platform
Connect JobBOSS² data with real-time machine performance.

Industry-leading add-ons
Add-ons that complement JobBOSS²'s native capabilities, giving manufacturers one interface that meets all their needs.

Customizable features & workflows
Users can make their software work for their business, rather than the other way around.

Robust reporting
Fuel decisions based on data and current business and market conditions, rather than estimates.

Streamlined User Experience
Makes it easier for manufacturers to maximize their operational efficiency and act more quickly.

Customer Success Stories

  • XL Machine Company
  • Clean Cut Technologies
  • Forrest Machining
  • Joe Gibbs Racing
  • Gamma Vacuum
  • Bryco Machining
  • Richard Childress Racing
  • Kemco
  • Roncelli Plastics
  • Tom-Cin Metals
  • Serapid
  • San Diego Precision Machining