The Power of Choice:

Finding the Right ERP Solution for Your Business

You have questions and everyone has their solution– but what is the right solution for your business?

To determine what type of ERP software best fits your specific business needs, budget and technological infrastructure, it is important to understand the different types of ERP implementation models: on-premises and private hosting.

Maybe you have three employees and a hosted solution is appealing to you, or you have thirty employees and you want to invest in an on-premises solution, but you aren’t sure you want to take on the IT cost involved. Maybe you are still learning and want to know the difference between on-premises and private hosting, or you are early in your search and want to work with a company that has expertise in your industry and the options available to you.

What separates JobBOSS2 from other ERP solutions providers? We are the only small-to-mid size business (SMB) ERP systems provider that offers 2 platforms - on-premises and private hosting – as well as a wide variety of pricing models, including upfront software purchases and monthly subscriptions. We believe that each ERP model comes with its own unique advantages and you should have the power to choose what is best for your business.

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Two platforms give you the power of choice:

On-Premises ERP

On-Premises ERP software keeps your business data at on-site servers accessible through an internal network. Although cloud-based ERP software solutions are very secure in their own right, many business’ feel that On-Premises solutions provide a greater sense of overall security against data leaks, outages and other security issues. With an On-Premises solution, you own the software outright, allowing for in-depth customization, as opposed to a cloud-based solution in which you license the software for a flat monthly subscription cost. As a whole, On-Premises solutions provide greater overall control and are more customizable, but you will need an IT staff capable of handling and maintaining such software.

Platform features:

  • Total IT control and responsibility for upgrades, uptime, security, redundancy
  • One time cost for the purchase of software
  • Customization capability to meet your company’s requirements
  • Deep rich functionality

Private Hosting ERP

With the Private Hosting ERP platform, your software is hosted in the cloud by a third party. Similar to the Public Cloud, you have access to the software from anywhere on any internet abled device, but you have control over the implementation, upgrades, and the software can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

The Private Hosting requires very little internal IT support, no server maintenance and all necessary upgrades and data backups are provided by the third party. In addition, the security provided generally exceeds what you are able to provide economically in house. And most importantly, the third party guarantees system uptime of 99.95%.

Software costs are based on either a perpetual license or monthly subscription.

Platform features:

  • Controllable/predictable monthly costs related to technology
  • Minimal IT Support Required
  • Accessible via the internet - anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Secure
  • Minimal technology infrastructure required
  • Customization capabilities
  • Deep rich functionality
  • Automatic database backup

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