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Job Shop Management Software

Great Manufacturing ERP Software Starts Here

Efficient time management. Insight into the true cost of a job. Maximizing machine utilization. On-time delivery. Do have concerns like this?

As a small to mid-sized make-to-order or contract manufacturer, efficiency and costs are essential to the growth of your shop. The best way to increase efficiency is by implementing a shop management software. It automates processes, improves efficiency and profits, and provides the foundation for growth.

With JobBOSS On-Premise, you gain every benefit an ERP platform has to offer: complete customization, robust add-on modules, and the most flexible manufacturing shop management software that gives you total visibility and control of your shop. Automate business processes, eliminate data entry, reduce errors, and much more.

JobBOSS On-Premise is hosted onsite at your business and operates through your network. The shop management software can be deeply customized for each individual business need, and works seamlessly with various add-on modules all contributing to a very robust system.

Business Activity Monitoring - KnowledgeSync Event Manager

Do you hear yourself saying: I want to increase employee efficiency with the staff I already have; or I want instant updates on a certain job, but I don’t have time to spend in the weeds?

The solution is clear – get the right information to the right people at the right time – but that’s easier said than done. KnowledgeSync Event Manager automates the monitoring of business activity with accuracy, consistency and reliability to give you peace of mind. So what exactly is KnowledgeSync Event Manager?

KnowledgeSync Event Manager is a business activity monitoring, alerting, and automation tool that may be applied to challenges in every part of a business, leading to decreased costs, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and, most importantly, higher revenue.

Workflow Management and CRM

Do you want to improve customer satisfaction, employee accountability and gain insight into sales cycles across the board?

The solution – workflow management and CRM with Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE). ESE is a powerful web-based solution that enables you to integrate, manage, control and improve the way all your people work together through integrated workflows, documents and projects. Benefit from improved communications and overall on-time deliverables. Now JobBOSS customers have the ability to enjoy strong technical security, easier connectivity, improved usability, easier customizations and the ability to run on a variety of mobile devices.

EDI Solutions

JobBOSS on-premise EDI solutions provide seamless pathways to share information and conduct transactions with customers.

With full integration and data mapping to your existing ERP system, our EDI solutions will decrease paper costs, eliminate human data entry errors, and reduce lead times and stockholding --- all while increasing the quality of your trading relationships.

CAD Bill of Material (BOM) Import

JobBOSS CAD BOM Import automates the complex and time consuming process of entering BOM data into production requirements.

The JobBOSS CAD BOM Import captures data from a single or multi-level BOM structure and imports it directly into JobBOSS to create quotes and jobs. In addition, assemblies and materials listed in the BOM that are not currently entered into JobBOSS, can be automatically created to ensure the material structure is in place for the quote or order.

The result is an automated import process which removes the need to manually enter BOM data into JobBOSS by rekeying. What would have taken up to a week of engineering and staff time to complete now only takes minutes with the JobBOSS CAD BOM Import – reducing payroll costs and allowing engineers to focus on revenue generating tasks.

  • Now supporting SolidWorks, Inventor, and Excel import formats
  • New import field mapping capability to ensure material detail is data you require in JobBOSS
  • Map raw material requirements
  • Import common materials from 3D CAD applications to JobBOSS materials library

JobBOSS Quality Management by uniPoint

I need help managing my quality standards.

We understand - managing quality in the job shop is a critical part of maximizing profitability, performance, customer satisfaction, and growth. Because quality management is such a critical element of success in any manufacturing job shop, JobBOSS partnered with uniPoint.

This exciting Quality management system offers a live, read/write integration directly to your JobBOSS database. Over 500 JobBOSS customers use this world-class quality system every day to automate their journey toward excellence and maintain their ISO Compliance. uniPoint is a proud partner of JobBOSS.

  • Improved quality and product consistency
  • Compliance with quality standards
  • Bridge a multitude of quality standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 16949, AS9100 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 & Part 820 Compliance
  • JobBOSS Quality by uniPoint ensures you can maintain and measure the cost and frequency of quality events

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