Dashboard Reporting for Manufacturing

Missed Delivery Dates Create Unhappy Customers

Customer shipping requirements are as unique as the customer. When ship dates are late, customers don’t come back. JobBOSS Shipping allows you to easily keep track of delivery schedules and review shipment history in a timely manner.

Quickly generate shipping documents including pack lists, shipping labels, and bill of lading at the time of each shipment. Flexible, robust reporting helps you keep track of your on-time delivery rate. With JobBOSS shipping, you can handle your customers' ever-changing delivery requirements at any time until the moment they ship, with complete control over every step of the process.

Put Precision into Your Shipping Process and Meet Delivery Dates Every Time

JobBOSS shipping lets you track all delivery schedules and review shipment history with ease, allowing you to:

  • Meet customer ship dates
  • Track early or late shipments
  • Analyze performance to improve on-time deliveries
  • Track shipments online
  • Manage multiple ship to addresses for customers
  • Record shipping data to make informed decisions on future orders
  • Prepare pack lists and bills of lading
  • Track customer returns
  • Handle part returns quickly and easily
  • Track all movement of subcontracted services to and from the vendor
  • Monitor upcoming delivery dates so you ship on time

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