Options to enhance your shop management software:

Advanced Dashboards

  • Your data, your way: Create customized real-time dashboards with data from your JobBOSS ERP and other shop management applications, too. Then filter, sort, and display to focus on what matters most to your business.
  • Spot issues, save money: Connecting multiple data sources makes it easy to spot trends, identify relationships and fix issues before they turn into expensive mistakes.
  • Maximum efficiency and quality: View and analyze data by work center, date, part, or manufacturing order.


  • Automate business processes and manage your tasks from quote to cash
  • Monitor, understand, manage and maximize sales performance
  • Seamlessly integrates customer data across the organization into one database

Business Activity Monitoring

KnowledgeSync Event Manager is a business activity monitoring, alerting, and automation tool. KnowledgeSync may be applied to challenges in every part of a business, leading to decreased costs, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and even higher revenue.

BOM Import

  • Faster turnaround for jobs and quotes
  • Easily create material records for accurate materials master
  • Non-Engineering staff can easily manage complex BOMS to create jobs


  • Improved quality and product consistency
  • Compliance with quality standards
  • Maintain and measure the cost and frequency of quality events


  • Accounts Receivable lets you bill your customers as orders are shipped, and provides all of the standard accounts receivable reporting
  • From receiving your vendor invoices to reconciling your checks, Accounts Payable tracks the cost of doing business
  • General Ledger provides all of your financial statements

Accounting Integrations

  • Using the same login details to switch effortlessly between the integrated solution
  • Automatically syncing your customer and vendor information
  • Entering data only once to reduce errors and improve productivity

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Many industries, including retail, automotive, medical and food, require the constant transmission of invoice, order and shipment information between them and their trading partners. Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) makes this transmission as efficient as possible by reducing overhead and keeping a high level of production.

Labor/Data Collection

  • Manage work assignments based on material and operator availability, and schedule employee work hours online
  • Put the power in the operators’ hands, letting them work off of dispatch lists to select their next jobs
  • Add floor notes into time-entry to improve communication back to the job


  • CenterPoint Payroll automatically integrates your shop employees' time, attendance and payroll information to JobBOSS General Ledger.
  • Your CenterPoint Payroll software always stays up-to-date.
  • No more manual payroll in Excel!
  • Robust reporting capabilities.

Two platforms give you the power of choice:

On-Premise ERP

On-premise ERP software keeps your business data at on-site servers accessible through an internal network. Although cloud-based ERP software solutions are very secure in their own right, many business’ feel that on-premise solutions provide a greater sense of overall security against data leaks, outages and other security issues. With an on-premise solution, you own the software outright, allowing for in-depth customization, as opposed to a cloud-based solution in which you license the software for a flat monthly subscription cost. As a whole, on-premise solutions provide greater overall control and are more customizable, but you will need an IT staff capable of handling and maintaining such software.

Platform features:

  • Total IT control and responsibility for upgrades, uptime, security, redundancy
  • One time cost for the purchase of software
  • Customization capability to meet your company’s requirements
  • Deep rich functionality

Private Hosting ERP

With the Private Hosting ERP platform, your software is hosted in the cloud by a third party. Similar to the Public Cloud, you have access to the software from anywhere on any internet abled device, but you have control over the implementation, upgrades, and the software can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

The Private Hosting requires very little internal IT support, no server maintenance and all necessary upgrades and data backups are provided by the third party. In addition, the security provided generally exceeds what you are able to provide economically in house. And most importantly, the third party guarantees system uptime of 99.95%.

Software costs are based on either a perpetual license or monthly subscription.

Platform features:

  • Controllable/predictable monthly costs related to technology
  • Minimal IT Support Required
  • Accessible via the internet - anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Secure
  • Minimal technology infrastructure required
  • Customization capabilities
  • Deep rich functionality
  • Automatic database backup

Solutions for your shop floor:

Quote Processing

  • Produce quotes accurately and faster than ever before
  • Pull from part history, copy quotes into new orders, and create repeat quotes with ease
  • Check inventory of parts, materials, and purchase history during quoting process

Order Processing

  • Move from quotes to orders with no additional steps or data entry required
  • Process quick-run jobs, complex assemblies, blanket orders with releases, and time and material jobs—the flexibility is yours.
  • Make changes to any job, including quantities and due dates, even when it’s already in process

Scheduling/Shop Floor Control

  • Focus on global, single job or job split scheduling, and know when and where to run each job
  • Choose from finite or infinite scheduling to manage capacity questions
  • Spot the load on individual work centers, and make job decisions by machine, employee, or date and time

Material and Inventory Control

  • Create automatic Request for Quotes (RFQs) and Purchase Orders using time-phased material planning reports
  • View the material supply and demand information on one screen, and then drill down into the details
  • View material-on-hand balance for each project so you can avoid material shortages


  • Create your own "dashboard" of critical business information with Shop Alerts, Views, Alerts and Messenger
  • Set up scenarios that you want ShopAlerts to automate and get updates for
  • Collect information faster than with manual data entry and automatically validate to improve accuracy


  • Meet customer ship dates, and tracking early or late shipments
  • Analyze delivery performance to improve on-time deliverables
  • Track shipments online

Cost Analysis

  • Compare estimates vs. actuals hours and costs, for any job, and at any point in the month
  • Adjust sell price for repeat orders to increase profitability
  • Maintain part history information for each time you have run a specific part

JobBOSS Shop Management Software

If you are looking for a shop management software that automates processes, improves efficiency, increases profits, and provides a foundation for growth – JobBOSS is the solution for you.

JobBOSS is a single integrated shop floor control solution that provides complete visibility, access, and job control. As your company strives to stay vital to new and existing customers, you’ll rest easy knowing JobBOSS provides the job tracking tools you need to keep your shop efficient, productive and profitable today, while positioning you to capitalize on tomorrow.

Quote to Cash, How JobBOSS Works

Create Quote

Improve the accuracy of quotes, reduce turn-around time, and factor in every aspect of part cost including routings, labor, materials, quantity breaks, and more. The completed quote is sent to customers via email or fax without leaving JobBOSS. Its machine shop estimating software that streamlines from the start.

Enter Job

Start a job without rekeying data by copying existing quotes or jobs. Quickly create a job from scratch, or a job traveler to manage the job as it moves from work center to work center. If numerous parts are shipped directly out of the finished goods inventory, a streamlined sales order entry process easily ships parts from stock.

Schedule Job

Maximize throughput by knowing exactly where shop problems are before they become serious. Experiment with "what-if" scenarios to explore the impact of changes before you commit the change to the shop floor.

Advanced Scheduling

With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop scheduling board that does what-if scenarios, finite load leveling, and changing of resources/schedule hours on the fly, JobBOSS helps you spot problems and meet delivery dates. See your entire shop at a glance. Focus on key work centers and critical time frames, and drill into the details of your schedule by job, work center, part number or customer. Put advanced job shop scheduling software to work and see the difference.

Manage Material

Gain control your entire inventory through standard inventory management practices built into JobBOSS. View your supply and demand on one screen, track hardware and supply movement, and see how your material costs have fluctuated over time by using a comprehensive history of material purchased for stock or directly of jobs.

Track Labor Costs

Track labor associated with each job and finally know the true cost of a job. JobBOSS releases powerful costing reports to ensure every job is profitable. Because of these reports, you can prevent jobs from losing money by proactively taking corrective action. In the end, you and your employees benefit from real-time data collection that ultimately eliminates manual data entry, and uncovers hidden costs.

Ship to Customer

Easily note delivery schedules and review shipment history quickly. JobBOSS generates shipping documents, including pack lists and shipping labels, at the time of job shipment, and robust reporting helps keep track of on-time delivery rate.

Shop Views, Alerts and Stats

Monitor important business activities and data from your shop, and customize alerts to get notified of changes as they occur.

Review Final Cost

Want to know how the job performed? JobBOSS shop floor control software generates powerful cost analysis tools and robust reports for completed jobs and work-in-progress. Know what every job truly costs and whether or not you made money. Typical reports compare estimated vs. actual hours and costs as well as maintain part history information.

Take Advantage of Your Own Cloud ERP

Instant access gives you visibility and control

With JobBOSS Cloud, your specific software is securely hosted in an enterprise-grade data center. This allows you to access your applications 24/7/365. Whether accessing through desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your dedicated JobBOSS Software in the cloud gives you full control to manage your business anywhere, anytime.

Enable your employees to communicate with each other and respond to customer questions and issues from any device. With enterprise-grade data centers, secure virtual workspaces, and frequent backups you can ensure your data is available when and where you need it.

Enterprise-grade security

JobBOSS Cloud leverages fully managed, secure IT-as-a-Service infrastructure to offer customers a secure, reliable, convenient platform to access and use their JobBOSS and other software. JobBOSS Cloud offers enterprise-grade compliance, security, backups, hardware and support that are usually out of reach for the average small-to-medium sized business.

Focus on what you do best

JobBOSS Cloud will reduce the hardware, software and support burden you currently carry and replace it with freedom. Freedom to invest more hours in production, freedom to eliminate costly hardware management from your books, freedom to operate your business from wherever it takes you, freedom to spend more time doing what you love and do best.

Reduce dependency on IT resources

With JobBOSS Cloud, the costly business disruptions caused by locally managed IT infrastructure are replaced by virtual desktops accessible anywhere there is Internet connectivity. Take control of your business and simplify your IT. JobBOSS Cloud enables you to manage business and manufacturing operations, without the IT headaches.

Minimize upfront expenses & ongoing capital expenditures

With JobBOSS Cloud, your initial capital investment is minimal. You are no longer required to purchase and maintain on-site servers or invest in IT staff, hardware or software that could possibly backfire. With predictable monthly payments, JobBOSS Cloud helps you stay competitive in your industry.

Benefits of
Cloud ERP

  • Focus on your business and leave the IT headaches to the experts
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Reliability. Uptime. No system crashes and downtime
  • Competitive advantage-- 24/7 access
  • Access via the internet – anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Excellent customization capabilities
  • More customer delight—fast turnaround on customer issues
  • Minimal technology infrastructure required
  • Increased reliability of data and technology
  • 99.95% uptime per service level agreement (SLA)
  • Automatic backup and recovery
  • Automatic redundancy in power systems—application/database hardware and network access

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