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Bill of Material Import for Manufacturing

Reduce Costly Data-Entry Duplication

The JobBOSS² CAD Bill of Material (BOM) Import automates the complex and time-consuming process of entering BOM data into the material and component tabs of JobBOSS² jobs or templates. With CAD BOM, the process that would usually take a week from your highest-paid engineering staff, only takes a few minutes. Keep your staff productive and adding real value to the business rather than paying them to manually enter data when it can be quickly imported into your shop management system.

The CAD BOM Import captures data from a single or multi-level BOM structure and imports it directly into JobBOSS² to create quotes and jobs. Materials do not have to pre-exist in the material library – the CAD BOM import can automate the part number creation process.

See Accuracy Soar with Fewer Manual-Entry Mistakes

A BOM is essentially a recipe. If you have the wrong ingredients, your soufflé will flop. With JobBOSS² BOM you can eliminate costly production mistakes and improve accuracy. By combining two manual steps into one automated step you will see dramatic time savings plus greater productivity. Additionally, having fewer typos will lessen scrap and missed delivery dates.

The CAD BOM import provides the ability to map data from standard and customer-defined CAD templates to CAD BOM Import data fields. Users can choose custom CAD templates with the CAD BOM import to create quotes and jobs. Both assemblies and drawings can be used to create a job or a quote. Assembly configurations and drawing sheets can be selected to further refine the data import: the CAD BOM Import does not limit the type and configuration of the data that can be.

With the BOM Import, you can increase the return on your JobBOSS² investment and enjoy:

  • Support: for SolidWorks, Inventor and Excel import formats
  • Dramatic time savings that will reduce man-hours per job and boost productivity
  • Faster responses to order requests
  • Improved customer relations
  • Reduced purchasing times and improved accuracy

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