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Lojic Dashboards


Lojic Dashboards Introduction by Logan Paquin, JobBOSS Director of Product Management


Lojic Dashboards Overview Video


Turn data into action with Lojic Dashboards

Dashboards, come standard with JobBOSS. By clearly displaying essential real-time job, quote, and efficiency data, they provide a powerful view of what's going on in your shop. But you now also have the option to take things to a whole new level, because JobBOSS seamlessly integrates with advanced Lojic Dashboards.

View all your data from shop floor to back office and beyond

Lojic gives you the capability to easily create and display real-time dashboards based not only on information from your JobBOSS ERP, but from other applications as well. Production, QA, financials… you name it. So you equip yourself with valuable insights into your manufacturing data – from the shop floor to the back office. View our fact sheet here.

Key advantages

Your data, your way: Create customized real-time dashboards with data from your JobBOSS ERP and other shop management applications, too. Then filter, sort, and display to focus on what matters most to your business.

Spot issues, save money: Connecting multiple data sources makes it easy to spot trends, identify relationships and fix issues before they turn into expensive mistakes.

Maximum efficiency and quality: View and analyze data by work center, date, part, or manufacturing order.

Follow work orders: See how jobs perform against scheduled start, end, and due dates. That way you can quickly identify any late orders and push them through.

Track scrap: Tracking scrap across department, part, work center, or employee makes it easy to spot the main causes for scrap and orders with the highest scrap values or percentages.

Share info easily: No more emailing spreadsheets and losing track of who's working off which version. Sharing your dashboards with Lojic is as easy as opening your web browser.

Keep data safe: Built-in user accounts and Active Directory authentication keep you in control of who has access to what data.

Take your data with you: Lojic Dashboards are web-based, so you can view your data on your mobile device.

You can get your dashboards up and running your shop's data in minutes, not months – and there's no need for any IT expertise. Lojic Dashboards integrate seamlessly with JobBOSS to open a whole new level of insight across your entire shop to spot and fix issues before they cost you money.


Lojic Dashboards Professional

1 Dashboards Designer seat

5 published dashboard templates

8 widgets per dashboard

10 users


Lojic Dashboards Premium

1 Dashboards Designer seat

10 published dashboard templates

12 widgets per dashboard

20 users


Lojic Dashboards Enterprise

2 Dashboards Designer seats

Unlimited published dashboard templates

Unlimited widgets per dashboard

Unlimited users

1 Dashboard Player

Watch how Lojic Dashboards help Rod Gramse, to stay on top of his operations at MRG


Watch how Rebecca Thomas, a JobBOSS customer, uses Lojic Dashboards daily

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