Job Shop Software Consulting

Services and Training to help you succeed in your shop

See how JobBOSS² can take your shop from zero to hero.

Consulting for JobBOSS²

To reap the full benefits of an ERP Software it is essential to successfully integrate the program into all facets of the company. JobBOSS² consultants decrease setup time and increase accuracies by creating personalized trainings and customizations specific to your company’s needs. With our Customer Success Package, consultants also monitor your critical milestones and completion dates. If you miss key marks JobBOSS² will supply further consulting at no charge to get you back on track.

Process Improvement and Change Management

The JobBOSS² Consulting department consists of Senior Consultants and Subject Matter Experts with a combined domain expertise of over 200 years in the manufacturing industry. Our service offerings include Business Process Assessments to help your company increase efficiencies, reduce redundancies and streamline your processes. Our people hold certifications and degrees including: BA, MBA, CPIM, CPA, and PMP.

Technical Services

JobBOSS² has experienced Senior Technical resources on staff to ensure your installation and upgrades are completed quickly and smoothly to minimize downtime. These resources can also assist in moving your software to a new server or help you plan for other network updates. Our technical resources hold certifications including: MCP, MCTS and MCSE.

Custom Reports

The JobBOSS² product has over 150 standard reports in the core system, however, sometimes you need to see the data formatted differently. Our custom resources can modify or create user defined reports that are required to track Key Performance Indicators in your business.

Custom Development

Every shop is unique. The versatility of JobBOSS² allows for each license to be tailored to your specific needs. Our custom development team can assist with select modifications as well as data migrations, data imports and 3rd party integrations.