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Fabrication Shop

You not only fabricate sheet metal, you deal with material challenges—sheets, hardware, components. You need a system that aligns with your complex inventory needs. And whether a short or long run fabricator or a laser shop, you cope with constant change. You may design, engineer, test, prototype and custom manufacture as well.


Captive Shop

As a captive shop, you may provide prototype machining, tooling engineering, fabricating or other custom work to support your main manufacturing facility’s needs. Though part of a larger company, your shop department needs to operate as your own entity when it comes to shop management. You want to justify your productivity and profits as if you operated independently.


Machine Shop

Managing change, balancing workflows, and anticipating bottlenecks challenge any machine shop. Customers move ship dates, jobs get bumped, materials arrive late. A machine may go down. An employee doesn’t show. JobBOSS² Shop Management Software helps you update schedules and dependencies, integrate inside operations and variables with outside operations, and purchase materials at optimal times. It gives you tools to quote accurately, and to see problems for fast response. It monitors performance from quote to cash to leverage your productivity and profitability. Your work force may be small but nimble and that’s your strength. Maximize it with JobBOSS².


Screw Shop

Successful screw machine shops are diversifying. They are using lean manufacturing to cope with global competition, steeper material costs and cost pressure from customers to keep their current pricing… and still maintain profitability.

Efficient planning and scheduling based on lots, releases, or split jobs determine your success. You manage change while balancing workflows and anticipating bottlenecks. Customers move ship dates, jobs get bumped, materials arrive late. Screw machine shops have to leverage material price breaks from vendors, streamline work through the shop to avoid overtime, and monitor outside vendors shipments to keep jobs on track and meet ship dates. All the while, you control costs to protect some profitability per job.


Spring Shop

Spring shops have unique challenges. Work begins before the order hits the shop floor. Quotes must account for unique manufacturing requirements. You may review blueprints or work with customers on design issues. Tight tolerances, exotic materials, strict documentation and repeatability pose challenges, especially if you serve the medical or aerospace markets. For springmakers, administrative and production costs can go sky high without an ERP solution to help manage the business.


Stamping Shop

You deal with change - with customers altering due dates or quantities on blanket orders, with changing capacity restraints and unpredictable variables of the job. You may produce high part volumes and short runs, many of them complex components produced to exacting tolerances. Visibility of shop floor capacity, along with inventory control of alloys, sheets, coils is essential. Tracking of outside service vendors is also crucial. Your competitiveness relies on ERP to help you plan and purchase materials at optimal times. And to quote, cost and schedule for profitability.


Machine Builder Shop

You produce a wide variety of sophisticated parts, machines and systems that need to go through various departments in your shop. You have many components, material requirements, hardware and other items that need to come together to make your units. You have hundreds of jobs routing through different disciplines at any one time, many of them multi-level assemblies requiring scores of travelers. With so many operations ongoing, along with associated material and components, you need shop floor scheduling, tracking and integrated material planning all in one ERP solution.


Tool and Mold Shop

You survived the ’08 shake out for a reason. You know how to compete with overseas sources and remaining US competition. A key strategy is to maximize technology. As a tooling or mold shop, you need extra flexibility with shop management—from quoting through costing. You watch percent complete and add unscheduled operations and materials on the fly. Labor and material costing have never been more important. JobBOSS² shop management software provides the deep functionality and flexibility a mold or toolmaker requires more than most shops.


Service Shop

Platers, powder coaters, grinders and other service shops deal with time constraints, constant change, and the need to get jobs in and out quickly with minimal data entry. Due dates move up. Jobs get bumped. Employees don’t show. Managing all that along with accurate quoting, on time shipping and customer service can challenge any service shop.


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