New Job Shop Management: JobBOSS2


Introducing the Latest and Greatest in Job Shop
Management Software from JobBOSS to JobBOSS2



The most flexible manufacturing shop management software that gives you complete visibility and control.

Making life even easier for modern job shop owners

JobBOSS2 provides all the tools and functionality job shops need to stay on top of their day-to-day responsibilities and long-term goals. You can find many exciting product improvements, including:

Alora Machine Intellegence Platform
Connect JobBOSS² data with real-time machine performance.

Industry-leading add-ons
Add-ons that complement JobBOSS²'s native capabilities, giving manufacturers one interface that meets all their needs.

Customizable features & workflows
Users can make their software work for their business, rather than the other way around.

Robust reporting
Fuel decisions based on data and current business and market conditions, rather than estimates.

Streamlined User Experience
Makes it easier for manufacturers to maximize their operational efficiency and act more quickly.