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I’m an Office Manager

A Day in the Life…

My husband and I own the company. I have a little more at stake than the normal office manager. I’ve worn many many hats. As we grow I keep trying to give hats up—I get too busy and can’t handle it all anymore. I try to manage the employees’ responsibilities, making sure they’re doing what they should be. We can all get complacent in what we do. When one area breaks down, that flows into another area and then another.

We have processes in place to make our office run efficiently. But if someone’s not doing their job, it all starts to break down. Two plus two equals ten—I catch little things—that’s what I oversee and look at. All this work to do, all this data in the system, and all these parts out on the floor… I make sure what’s being done, is being done well.

JobBOSS ² Shop Management Software is designed to flow like your shop.

JobBOSS ² makes it easy for an office manager to move between functions. It follows a logical tab entry pattern with drilldowns and buttons to additional data right where you are. The system is already set up to flow the way you need it to. Keep multiple functions you typically work with open at the same time. JobBOSS ² provides automatic consistency when needed, to speed your work and increase visibility of the business.

A system organized for shops where people wear many hats.

JobBOSS ² fosters good communication. For office managers, you can set up a task and do that task the same way each time, day after day. The right people are included in certain groups. You’re not missing someone. Others can see what’s going on. You work faster and smarter. You can easily jump between multiple functions to handle those annoying interruptions that are part of everyday life in the office—phones ringing or someone standing in front of you needing a PO or shipper.

For an office manager, JobBOSS ² is office to floor complete.

JobBOSS ² puts technology to work throughout your office and the shop floor, linking them in the process, to make your life easier.

  • In the office, ease of quoting translates to improved accuracy on brand new quotes or jobs without having to update a part or estimation master like other systems require.
  • With a click of a button a Customer Acknowledgement can be generated, as well as the Shop Traveler to go out to the shop with the details that came over right from the quote.
  • Information can be easily added or changed. It’s handy to have unlimited notes and attachment capabilities everywhere!
  • On the shop floor, flexible scheduling leads to fewer steps to input a custom order. The built-in part master option saves time on high repeat jobs.
  • The flexibility to handle different types of jobs is essential. JobBOSS ² provides it.
  • Creating the shipping documentation is a breeze since the job information flows right over, then goes right on to invoicing with no retyping, no redundancies.

JobBOSS ² provides the processes to keep your office running efficiently. It keeps your business connected from front door to shipping dock.

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