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I'm a Purchasing Agent

A Day in the Life…

Tomorrow some group from corporate is coming out with a new program that’s supposed to be the latest fix for all our difficulties. Like this hasn’t happened before. For a while, these so-called solutions seem to work, but not really. We limp along, but with local and overseas competition, we’re getting our butt kicked.

Okay, enough with the bitching. Think logically. At least it’s quiet. Everyone’s gone home. No phones, no interruptions. I lean back in my chair in my coveted window office, such as it is with a view of the parking ramp. Why do we have so much trouble getting jobs out the door at a cost that can beat the competition?

Last year’s cost reductions aren’t cutting it. Yet this is a good shop. We have the talent, the technology. Okay, we’re behind in a couple of areas, but our people are good, though I wish we could improve our operational numbers… and our production performance. We’ve invested in high buck equipment, too expensive in my opinion. And we have an ERP system, which is getting old. I remember they told us it could do everything but make coffee. Yeah, right.

What can we possibly do to be more competitive?

Purchasing Agents face big challenges

You manage the bottom line. You work to improve operational results and reverse financial declines. Current costing figures, reports and analysis from the front and back office and the shop floor take time to collect and analyze. Negotiating reductions from suppliers is not easy.

JobBOSS² Shop Management Software provides the visibility purchasing agents require

You collect and analyze information via reports, metrics and dashboards. You need the best shop management software available for visibility to ensure profitability, to keep operations streamlined and continuously improving.

Get your vendors on just-in-time purchasing

JobBOSS² scheduling ties in to purchasing. See and analyze your on-time deliveries, then work towards getting your vendors on just-in-time purchasing. JobBOSS² saves time by providing visibility both on the shop floor and into the purchasing process overall. It gives you the real-time data and financial indicators necessary to negotiate the best pricing.

Contain costs by combining common materials for better pricing

Negotiating with suppliers isn’t easy. With JobBOSS², you can combine common materials in order to leverage better pricing. The system ties purchasing with scheduling for JIT or JIC purchasing. Automated and repeated processes save man hours.

Flexible scheduling and balanced workflows help reduce waste, accounting happens automatically

What’s on order that doesn’t have to be? How do you wring more savings and better pricing from your suppliers? Workflow management to inventory, accounting to ISO audits, JobBOSS² puts answers at your fingertips. Accounting happens automatically every month, no re-keying of data, whether with our JobBOSS² accounting solution or integration to Quickbooks.™

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