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Material and Inventory Control Software for Manufacturing

Stop Searching for Inventory, Easily Track Lot Numbers and Make Smart Bulk Orders

With the needs of custom manufacturers continuing to evolve, the ability to manage larger inventories or raw materials has become increasingly important. JobBOSS2 material control helps you match material supply with demand.

Intelligently manage supply and demand, increasing job profitability

With just-in-time purchasing, you can start ordering materials based on inventory requirements – maximizing your purchase price discounts – then schedule delivery according to job requirements and your shop schedule. You’ll always know what and where your inventory is.

Key Advantages

JobBOSS² material control helps manage your entire inventory while maximizing profits, minimizing waste, and limiting the time employees search for parts and materials. As well as:

  • Create automatic Request for Quotes (RFQs) and Purchase Orders using time-phased material planning reports
  • View the material supply and demand information on one screen, and drill into the details
  • View the material-on-hand balance for each project to avoid material shortages
  • Increase throughput by ensuring material availability and know when to bulk order commonly used materials
  • Purchase according to your job needs; stop guessing and overpaying for parts
  • Use comprehensive material history to see how material costs have fluctuated over time

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