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I'm a Shop Floor Manager

A Day in the Life…

Our main multi-axis machine is down. I can feel my blood pressure rising. There’s no reason for this, now when second shift’s coming on and the one guy who can fix this monster has gone home. I need to get parts out anyway.

Tonight I was going to take my wife out but here I am in a crisis. I call her and she understands, at least she says she does.

An hour later the machine is working and I could kiss the ground it sits on. Steve, the guy who usually runs it, came back in and got it going.

I stand still and listen—blowers, engines, the ka-chink of parts landing in a bin. I’m in charge of project deadlines, quality, product releases, budgets, training and whatever else goes right or wrong on the shop floor. My work entails getting people to collaborate to make parts and ship on time to a customer. Sometimes it’s not that easy. I don’t miss ship dates. And I don’t like being blindsided. That machine was down for an hour before anyone told me. I should have known sooner.

More than anyone, shopfloor and plant managers need visibility

Your challenge is to keep jobs moving at the same time you’re hit with crises or changes. You need to schedule new work and maximize jobs already in process. Managing equipment and inside operations, and keeping material organized and on hand for the job are your priorities. You work hard to maximize throughput and productivity.

JobBOSS² Shop Management Software helps you control your shop floor

JobBOSS² captures accurate costs, integrates with CNC workcenters, and ensures faster throughput and higher productivity. You need an easy way to recognize and fix shopfloor problems—JobBOSS² dashboards provide it.

Stay on top of productivity issues, overloaded workcenters or late materials with JobBOSS² real-time data

The system helps you manage daily changes and get the schedule back on track. It keeps inside and outside jobs moving despite material, vendor, job or delivery changes. Workcenters stay properly loaded and overtime is reduced.

JobBOSS² serves as your bridge between the shop floor and the front office

Detailed reports and integration eliminates redundant data entry or errors. JobBOSS² frees up your operators for other tasks. Your team may be small but nimble and that’s your strength. Maximize it with JobBOSS².

“Despite a few rough edges, which he guards closely, Bob, our production manager is a good guy. He’s been production manager here for nine years. If you need something to happen, all you do is talk to Bob and if it can be done, it will be by the next time you mention it.”

Excerpt from The Goal : A Process of Ongoing Improvement Third Revised Edition By Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox

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