Benefits of ERP

Gain full insight into your day to day operations.

Reap the Benefits & Advantages of JobBOSS² Shop Management Software

Every Manufacturing Mode and Industry

JobBOSS² offers an ERP so make-to-order (MTO), assemble-to-order (ATO), Custom Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing, Mixed Mode, and everything in between. JobBOSS² is purpose-built for job shops from every industry.



Six Reasons More Manufacturers & Shops Choose JobBOSS² ERP Manufacturing Software

1) ERP Pricing Models to Fit Your Business Needs

JobBOSS² software is a browser-based system to access anywhere, anytime, and our pricing reflects that same notion. As a cloud solution, you have the core shop management features, plus the ability to tie into our add-ons, making the software work how you need it to – based on your needs. See the pricing page to determine the right tier for your shop.

2) Flexible Software

JobBOSS² software is unparalleled in its ability to handle changes on the fly. It is the only solution offering a true ‘job’ flow – the home screen is a diagram following exactly how a shop operates, each icon linked to that specific module: estimating, ordering, scheduling, you name it. You can take a quote right to a job, or just start with any type of job in JobBOSS²: single level, multi-level assembly, blanket orders, split jobs, time and material jobs.

  • Feature-rich shop management capabilities with integrated financials or integration to QuickBooks.
  • Economies of scale—start small with JobBOSS² and grow into additional add-ons and integrations that can take you to a new level of increased productivity, visibility, and profitability
  • Dashboard drill-downs—see additional data right where you are whether in quoting, job entry, purchasing or scheduling.
  • Over 30+ reports telling you exactly what is going on, WHEN it is going on.

3) Easy to Use

JobBOSS² software is designed to flow like your shop and is organized for businesses where people wear many hats. JobBOSS² makes it easy to move between functions. It follows a logical icon flow with drill-downs and buttons to additional data.

4) Superior Technology and Practical Affordability

JobBOSS² software is state-of-the-art technology built on decades of investment and re-investment. With three pricing tiers, it’s the software platform that allows you to start small and grow into a full Manufacturing ERP solution as your business evolves.

5) Training, Service and Support

With JobBOSS² software, you can choose from several training and consulting options to get you started and maintain your system.

  • Expert support staff for technical and application questions.
  • Common support questions and answers posted at the Customer Portal available 24/7 for on-line assistance.
  • Detailed how-to’s and documentation available online.

6) Commitment to Your Long-Term Success

For 30 years, JobBOSS² has continued to be the leading shop management solution for small and medium make-to-order and mixed mode manufacturers – over 6,000 shops!

  • ECI is financially sound and growing. The company reinvests constantly in the development and evolution of JobBOSS² product offerings.
  • We listen to customers. Product updates/enhancements come from JobBOSS² users and user groups around the country