Business Activity Monitoring

A personal assistant that pays for itself.

Tired of being the last to know? Gain real time visibility into key business activities with KnowledgeSync.

Business Activity Monitoring Software

Tired of being the last to know?

With real-time visibility into key activities, information and milestones, KnowledgeSync is your dedicated assistant who watches over the business and warns you when something needs your attention.

It’s a simple calculation. Direct hours make you money and indirect/overtime hours lose you money. Having a system that gives you visibility into direct, indirect and overtime hours can help you better manage labor costs. With accurate data collection you can reduce expensive errors and increase efficiency.

Efficiently Run Your Shop with Automatic Alerts

KnowledgeSync Alerts & Automation is a robust business activity monitoring solution. With alerts and custom reports that ensure the right people are doing the right things at the right time, KnowledgeSync dramatically expands the capacity of your existing workforce.

By acting as a personal assistant that keeps watch on endless details, provides reports and updates as they are needed, and alerts you to critical business issues and opportunities, KnowledgeSync Alerts & Automation keeps you on top and in control of your business, even when you are out of the shop.

Expand Your Workforce Capacity

Every KnowledgeSync purchase includes over 20 preconfigured alerts with the option to add customized alerts to gain full control over any application you decide to monitor. From sending email notifications to creating custom reports to improving customer service by automatically managing touch-points, KnowledgeSync is your dedicated assistant who watches over the business and warns you about conditions that require your attention.

Businesses always see a positive return on investment with KnowledgeSync – most times in just a matter of weeks. For some businesses, it can pay for itself by catching a single sales opportunity that otherwise may have slipped by. Sometimes the most valuable information you can get out of your ERP system isn’t about what did happen – but what didn’t happen. Even in its simplest application – running reports on a regular basis – KnowledgeSync saves time and money removing the burden from office staff. It also completes these tasks with greater accuracy, reliability and consistency than any other option.

Keep Track of Your Shop, and Your Peace of Mind

  • Automation: Increase effectiveness of employees you already have by automating administrative tasks
  • Communication: Keep employees connected with critical information to do their jobs while out of the office
  • Peace of mind: Capture all revenue and get paid on time
  • Happiness: Boost customer satisfaction with increased support and automatic emails
  • Productivity: Know what’s getting done when, and if it isn’t

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