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Make to Stock

Challenges you face:

Good intuition combined with unerring capacity planning is the way to stay profitable as a make-to-stock manufacturer. The build-ahead production approach based on sales forecasts and/or historical demand requires strong forecasting and sound historical data. To succeed, you need an ERP solution that integrates critical demand, supply and logistics data along with perpetual inventory management and history.

JobBOSS ² Shop Management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is designed to help you manage inventory, forecast accurately, and plan and schedule in a dynamic make to stock environment. It enables capacity planning, fast inventory turnaround, and constant access to your vendors and supply chain. For hybrid or mixed-mode shops that are make-to-order (MTO) and make-to-stock (MTS), JobBOSS ² is the answer. It ensures correct on hand values and costs, provides history for smart decisions and fosters accurate forecasting.

JobBOSS ² is the leading Manufacturing ERP provider that offers both on-premise software, JobBOSS ², and an online solution, Exact for Manufacturing. Each delivery platform has its advantages and unique features. Whether you purchase it as on-premise, or use it via the cloud, JobBOSS ² provides ERP that drives productivity and profits.

With JobBOSS ², you manage stocking constraints and lead times so on time delivery is never an issue.

Efficient quoting and order processing–JobBOSS ² provides easy access to customer sales history. It manages blanket orders, takes orders via the Internet, and maximizes timely order fulfillment.

Inventory optimization—JobBOSS ² demand management helps you keep stock on hand in advance of orders. Forecasting features including history, trends, Pareto analysis and tracking of forecast errors to refine predictions of future sales.

Scheduling—Build a profile of your shop capacity by incorporating multiple constraints such as machine or material availability, efficiencies, and more.

Planning and purchasing—JobBOSS ² increases visibility with automated notification of purchasing requirements. It integrates multiple demand and supply forecasts with material planning. It identifies material shortages before jobs go into production.

Production—With JobBOSS ², production is geared to replenish stock, analyze cost variances over time and multiple jobs, minimize change overs and maintain visibility throughout the business. Lot and serial tracking make for easy product and component traceability.

Key performance indicators—Use the JobBOSS ² digital dashboard to monitor revenues, supplier performance and production planning.

Automated processes—Gain efficiencies from repeated processes to save man hours and boost profits. Enter data once and share with the shop. Accounting happens automatically and ties over from shop management to eliminate re-keying of data. Choose JobBOSS ² accounting (easily handles progress billing) or integrate to QuickBooks.

Flexible, easy-to-use software for long-term growth

  • Easy navigation from back to front office screens allows you to multi-task and reduce overhead.
  • Robust, fully integrated business modules—shop floor to front office to quality—make it easy to manage a small workforce or multi-site enterprise.
  • Scale your system for the present and grow with JobBOSS ² as you expand. Start with quoting, order entry, material receiving, labor reporting and shipping.

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