Payroll Software Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

CenterPoint® Payroll for Manufacturing

A faster, smarter, more efficient Payroll system

CenterPoint® Payroll

CenterPoint® Payroll

More features. More flexibility. More than your average Payroll solution.

CenterPoint Payroll from Red Wing Software is a proven payroll processing solution with rich features, flexibility and customization. It seamlessly integrates your job shop employees’ time, attendance and payroll information to JobBOSS² General Ledger, and it also offers an impressive line-up of smart features.

It's a powerful combination that will save you time processing payroll. Provide access to accurate information on employees and job costs, and support you in running your manufacturing shop more efficiently and profitably. All supported by best-in-class, U.S.-based customer care with guaranteed response times and excellent service.

CenterPoint Payroll for your job shop at a glance:

Seamless payroll integration for manufacturing shops


  • CenterPoint Payroll automatically integrates your shop employees’ time, attendance and payroll information to JobBOSS² General Ledger.
  • Make manual journal entries a thing of the past.
  • Manage the flow of employee information quickly and easily.
  • No need for an additional and costly accounting software.
Current payroll software for the manufacturing industry


  • Your CenterPoint Payroll software always stays up-to-date.
  • The system is built on .NET based code which is a more modern platform.
  • Federal and state tax forms are automatically updated to new tax codes. Always.
  • Payroll data is easily transferred to forms for review, modification, printing or eFiling.
Accurate payroll processing for job shops


  • No more manual payroll in Excel!
  • Your manufacturing shop’s tax calculations are accurate, allowing you peace of mind.
  • Reduce data entry time and duplication while providing easy access to employee information.
Flexible payroll solutions for manufacturing


  • Robust reporting capabilities.
  • Unlimited users, companies, databases, job shops, history and employees.
  • Vacation/PTO/Sick Time tracking or any other unique additional code that you may need.
  • Multiple-state payroll processing.
  • Automatic benefit tracking through a large variety of calculation methods.
  • A complete suite of customizable payroll functions and associated reports that replaces the outside resources you might be paying for.

CenterPoint Payroll makes it easy to manage both simple and complex manufacturing shop payrolls - and it's ideal if you need to pay staff in different ways at different rates during the day, during the season, or from one job to another.

So who is Red Wing Software?

Red Wing Software has been developing payroll and accounting software since 1979. Their experience in developing software and supporting their customers has provided them the expertise necessary to create software that is easy to use for a beginner, and powerful enough to handle the widest variety of needs.

CenterPoint capabilities include:

  • ACA (Affordable Care Act) reporting
  • Customizable time-off management in payroll for vacation, sick leave, PTO.
  • Automatic product updates
  • Payroll data and tax data reports
  • Federal and state tax forms automatically updated to new tax codes
  • Check printing in multiple formats
  • Direct deposit to unlimited bank accounts
  • Additional services such as e-filing and viewing pay advice
  • Built-in data backup