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Training for JobBOSS

Rachel Hansen, Director of Professional Services, JobBOSS

Overview of ERP training at JobBOSS.


JobBOSS Learning Pass: Remain Adaptive, Successful, and Knowledgeable.


In order for manufacturing shop management software to generate maximum ROI (Return on Investment) and give you complete visibility and control of your shop, the program needs to be integrated in all facets of the company – starting with the employees. Get your employees on board and educated using the flexible JobBOSS training services. Each user can become self-sufficient on their time, at their own pace, using their own personal learning style.

Dependent on your individual software needs, you can participate in the following training programs:

Classroom Trainings
With classes offered all over the United States and Canada, regional classroom trainings offer a variety of classes specifically designed around a user’s role and skillset. It is not one size fits all. The 2-Day Job Control Workshop is a great boot camp for new users, while our more focused 1-Day classes are great for specialized roles and intermediate to advanced users.

Virtual Trainings
Live, online instructor led classes offer role specific hands-on training for customers. Each session encourages attendees to ask questions, interact with other JobBOSS customers, and participate in instructor overseen labs. Users leave these sessions having learned, demonstrated, and able to apply their knowledge directly to the software.

On-Demand Video Tutorials
We have training when you need it. With hundreds of short online video tutorials available through our customer portal 24/7, you can learn at your own pace. Whether you have a specific question or are looking to obtain general knowledge, you can find answers here.

Consultant Training
On-site and remote consulting is a great way to learn the ins and outs of JobBOSS and how they apply to your business. Our experienced consultants personalize each training around your company’s specific needs and find the solutions you are looking for.

Help Guides
Have a question while using JobBOSS? Pressing F1 will bring up help guides that are relevant to the page you are on, quickly finding the solution. These solutions can then be favorited or bookmarked for later use.

Training Database
This database comes with all JobBOSS installations, it comes with artificial customers, vendors, materials and jobs so users can practice without tampering with company information.