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Learn how JobBOSS2 can help run your manufacturing mode

Mixed-Mode Manufacturing

Challenges you face:

As a mixed-mode manufacturer, you need to be able to process orders for finished goods that you make to stock –whether they are repeat orders or one-off/custom builds. JobBOSS² makes it possible for job shops to decide at the time of order entry if the parts can be shipped from stock, or if you need to cut a purchase order to buy the parts from a vendor or release a job to your shop to fabricate the parts.

As you continue to diversify your business to stay competitive in the manufacturing industry, JobBOSS² allows you the flexibility and control to process orders based on your current supply and demand for the finished goods your customer orders.

With JobBOSS², everything connects seamlessly.

  • Operate in make-to-order and make-to-stock modes—or make the strategic decision to offer mixed mode manufacturing with one fully-integrated system, offering greater control and flexibility
  • Improve forecast accuracy—with the ability to easily manage production schedules and raw materials, your ability to forecast and predict increases
  • Scale your system for the present and grow with JobBOSS² as your needs change. Start with quoting, order entry, material receiving, labor reporting and shipping and grow from there.
  • Automated processes—particularly for contract manufacturers, gaining efficiencies from repeated processes can save man hours and boost profits. Enter data once, share with the shop.

Flexible, easy-to-use software for long-term growth:

  • Control customer requirements at the line-item level
  • Capture customer, job and inventory information to fulfill customer orders
  • Ensure revenues are maintained and reported correctly

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