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Take your scheduling from reactive to proactive with load vs. capacity visibility

Schedulers need full visibility into all shop operations to control the details of each job and ensure the required machines are available. Using a variety of JobBOSS2 scheduling functions, you can respond to customer requests quickly, with up-to-the-minute data of your shop floor capacity.

The JobBOSS2 schedule graph gives you a quick peek of your available capacity to make decisions with confidence. With JobBOSS2, you get effective and flexible scheduling that accounts for material availability, current work center load, and actual job performance.

Control day-to-day scheduling details and long-range planning to deliver every job on time

When customers request an estimate for a potential ship date, schedulers have the flexibility to use either finite or flexible scheduling to compare estimates to your current shop load on a "what-if" basis. An automated whiteboard lets you schedule or reschedule jobs by dragging and dropping operations to different days or different work centers than previously scheduled. You can experiment with "what-if" scenarios to explore the impact of changes before actually committing to the change on the shop floor.

JobBOSS2 seamlessly pulls data to reschedule jobs and alert you to any exceptions that need attention. With JobBOSS2 you gain the ability to use all work centers to their most productive capacity. Now that you know exactly where your challenges are at any given moment, you can proactively prevent problems or delays – keeping your customers happy.

Key Advantages

  • Calculate highly competitive quotes accurately and fast.
  • Check inventory of parts, materials and purchase history during quoting process.
  • Gain insights into the profit margins with parts costing.
  • Deliver quick, detailed or multiple quotes.
  • Optimize sales with clear insight into your win rates.

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