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Cost Reporting Software for Manufacturing

Now You Can Know How Profitable Each Job Is—At Any Time

JobBOSS2 offers powerful, robust cost analysis tools and reporting for both completed and work-in-progress jobs. Now you can be confident in your ability to accurately capture labor time and log material costs back to each job to know which jobs are making and losing you money.

If it’s important to keep part history for repeat jobs, JobBOSS2 cost analysis will help you in re-quoting a part, or similar parts, and allow for quick analysis of part cost and profitability trends. With these powerful tools, you can project profitability on similar orders in the future. The streamlined process with enhanced visibility helps you keep costs in line for customers while ensuring the business stays healthy.

Isolate Problem Jobs While in Progress

Every job is different. You need the ability to review actuals and estimates on each job while they are happening in order to make informed decisions and ensure issues are not repeated in future jobs.

Cost reporting provides information used to analyze job, part, and overall shop performance while jobs are in process and after they are completed. Having information readily available creates accurate estimates – improving overall efficiency and profit margins.

"We can predict the future, the direction of our business, based on looking at reports...we can easily pull up a report that shows us who our top ten customers are." - Scott White - Denver Machine Shop

Key Advantages

  • Compare estimates vs. actuals
  • Adjust sell price for repeat orders to increase profitability
  • Maintain part history information for each time you ran a specific part
  • Monitor the progress of a job while on the shop floor and spot problems before they get out of hand
  • Analyze profitability by customer
  • Know when to pass on a job that will cost you money
  • Bid competitively and profitably
  • Understand your overall costs and grow your business

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