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Challenges you face

Managing change, balancing workflows, and anticipating bottlenecks challenge any machine shop. Customers move ship dates, jobs get bumped, materials arrive late. A machine may go down. An employee doesn’t show. JobBOSS ² Shop Management Software helps you update schedules and dependencies, integrate inside operations and variables with outside operations, and purchase materials at optimal times. It gives you tools to quote accurately, and to see problems for fast response. It monitors performance from quote to cash to leverage your productivity and profitability. Your work force may be small but nimble and that’s your strength. Maximize it with JobBOSS ².

Why JobBOSS² = machine shop efficiency

  • Flexible scheduling - customers change their minds: quantity, scope, design, due dates. JobBOSS ² provides the deep functionality to manage change and its shifting dependencies.
  • Automated processes - efficiencies from repeated processes save man hours. Enter data once, share throughout the shop. Accounting happens automatically every month, no re-keying of data, whether with our JobBOSS ² accounting solution or integration to Quickbooks.™
  • Real time information - shortens turnaround. Achieve real time access to set up, run times and production runs. Monitor labor costs and material usages for timely decision making. Gain jobs by working faster than the competition.
  • Job History - helps you work lean to decrease cost and time to make a part, which leads to customer loyalty.
  • Automated real time metrics - via dashboards make it easy to track and increase employee productivity, see your quote conversion rate, delivery and financial performance, etc.

Flexible, easy-to-use software for long-term growth

  • Easy navigation from back to front office screens allows you to multi-task and reduce overhead.
  • Robust, fully integrated business modules, from shop floor to front office to quality, make it easy to manage a small workforce or a multi-site enterprise.
  • A broad suite of modules means you scale your system for the present and build as you grow. One fully integrated database with dashboards makes metrics simple.

Customer Story: Denver Machine Shop

See how Denver Machine Shop uses JobBOSS² to work safely in the cloud, become more data-driven through standard reports, and scale their business.

JobBOSS² has been a game-changer for Denver Machine Shop over the last 15 years. It's helped them find the source of their problems, solve issues quickly, and reach their goals year after year. The software gives Scott, owner of Denver Machine Shop, a clear view of everything that's going on in his shop, so he can nip problems in the bud before they cause any damage. Some of the biggest value they see in the ERP software include:

  • Understanding their customers better - With JobBOSS², Scott and team were able to know which customers needed what jobs, find out what industries were more profitable than others, become more competitive, and meet customer demand every time.

  • Enterprise-level security - Denver Machine Shop knows the risk businesses have today around being hacked. With JobBOSS², they rest easily knowing a team of cloud experts has their back and their data is protected.

  • Their shop at their fingertips - Denver Machine Shop has been able to fundamentally change how they work. With their shop in the palm of their hands, all departments are able to see what they need to do their jobs, without having to wait on data, people, or processes.

  • Consistent growth with JobBOSS² - Scott is able to understand his business' cash flow better with JobBOSS² and is able to position his business for growth year over year. He can keep up with customer demand and the financial side of the business easily.

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