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Make to Order

Challenges you face:

Custom manufacturers and make-to-order manufacturers (MTO) operate the most difficult of all manufacturing environments—one that’s infinitely variable. You carve out your competitive advantage by outperforming the rest of the pack and it’s seldom easy. Work in process can outweigh short term capacity. Bottlenecks can prevent upstream tasks from being processed on time. The clock is running from order to delivery.

JobBOSS² Shop Management Software is the industry’s most relied upon ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) for small to mid-sized custom manufacturers and MTO manufacturers. It enables you to compress lead times and deliver faster. It offers close-up and enterprise-wide views for improving performance and profitability. Gain the flexibility to reschedule, and the visibility to see material shortages early on. With JobBOSS², you will deliver value within the shortest lead time possible.

JobBOSS² is built just for custom manufacturers

  • Manage constant change. “Things changed. We need that delivered tomorrow.” “Add another hundred parts to the order.” Use JobBOSS² to effortlessly handle customer change orders to ensure on-time ship dates and improve service.
  • Benefit from automated processes. Especially for contract manufacturers, gaining efficiencies from repeated processes can save man hours and boost profits. Enter data once, share with the shop.
  • Convert a quote to a job, then add it to the shop schedule with a few keystrokes. JobBOSS²’s powerful quoting is flexible—factor in multiple quantities and units of measurement in no time, then email it to your customer before the competition.
  • Time-phase your material planning so you can manage customer-supplied materials, buy direct for jobs, or buy for stock. JobBOSS² integrates material management into your scheduling.
  • Use Whiteboard, JobBOSS²’s visual scheduling board for realistic scheduling that’s easy and flexible. When a customer calls about a rush job, drag and drop it to the front of the line; ShopBOSS handles shifting dependencies. Use it for added visibility, what-if scenarios and as a dashboard to manage exceptions.
  • Accounting happens automatically and ties over from shop management to eliminate re-keying of data. Choose our JobBOSS² accounting solution (easily handles progress billing) or integrate to QuickBooks.

Flexible, easy-to-use software for long-term growth

  • Easy navigation from back to front office screens allows you to multi-task and reduce overhead.
  • Robust, fully integrated business modules—shop floor to front office to quality, make it easy to manage a small workforce or a multi-site enterprise.
  • Scale your system for the present and grow with JobBOSS² as your needs change. Start with quoting, order entry, material receiving, labor reporting and shipping and grow from there.

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