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Service shop challenges

Platers, powder coaters, grinders and other service shops deal with time constraints, constant change, and the need to get jobs in and out quickly with minimal data entry. Due dates move up. Jobs get bumped. Employees don’t show. Managing all that along with accurate quoting, on time shipping and customer service can challenge any service shop.

JobBOSS² Shop Management Software provides the deep functionality to manage change and its shifting dependencies. Quoting is fast and accurate: enter repeat quotes or pull in past history to expedite new quotes. Use the system to shave turnaround time off repeat and non-repeating work. When a customer calls about a hot-rush job, JobBOSS² can pinpoint it. It keeps you informed when a customer’s parts arrive at the dock, move to the shop floor or get shipped. With JobBOSS², your service shop becomes a high tech, high service shop.

JobBOSS² keeps your service shop nimble

  • You cope with constant change and unpredictability. “I’m sending over another hundred parts.” “We need that yesterday.” JobBOSS²’s deep functionality and built in efficiencies help you handle more jobs without adding employees or overhead.
  • Convert a quote to a job, then add it to the shop schedule with a few keystrokes. JobBOSS²’s powerful quoting lets you factor in multiple quantities and flexible units of measurement in no time.
  • The Whiteboard Planning integrated whiteboard enables realistic scheduling that’s easy and flexible. When a customer calls about a rush job, you can drag and drop it to the front of the line without repercussions or problems.
  • “Things changed. We need that delivered tomorrow.” Track quick-turnaround jobs and effortlessly handle customer change orders to ensure on-time ship dates and improved customer service. With JobBOSS² see the status of a customer’s job and give them answers right on the phone.
  • Ship and deliver on time without fail. Automatically integrate with JobBOSS² accounting or integration to Quickbooks™ to streamline accounting functions.

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