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Shop Owner

You give it all you can, but sometimes that’s not enough. If those materials don’t show up on your dock by midday, you may be paying someone a visit, either a supplier or a customer. In the meantime, you have to think about revenue, expenses, and keep the productivity burners on high. And there’s turnover to worry about. Tom won’t quit on you, but Rodriguez may. He’s young and hotheaded, but good. You’ve trained him and you don’t want to lose him.


Office Manager

JobBOSS2 makes it easy for an office manager to move between functions. It follows a logical tab entry pattern with drilldowns and buttons to additional data right where you are. The system is already set up to flow the way you need it to. Keep multiple functions you typically work with open at the same time. JobBOSS² provides automatic consistency when needed, to speed your work and increase visibility of the business.


Shop Floor Manager

Your challenge is to keep jobs moving at the same time you’re hit with crises or changes. You need to schedule new work and maximize jobs already in process. Managing equipment and inside operations, and keeping material organized and on hand for the job are your priorities. You work hard to maximize throughput and productivity.


Shop Floor Employee

You’re good at what you do but do others know it? Job security is important and so is productivity. You manage your time well. From the minute you walk up to a PC on the shop floor and see your work list, you want things under control and streamlined. When you move on to the next operation, you expect your ERP system to show you organized processes for what’s next. Logging in and out of jobs, opening drawings or pictures, collecting real time information should be easy. Because every minute counts.


Purchasing Agent

You manage the bottom line. You work to improve operational results and reverse financial declines. Current costing figures, reports and analysis from the front and back office and the shop floor take time to collect and analyze. Negotiating reductions from suppliers is not easy.



You oversee accounting and drill into financials. Reporting is key: you monitor profitability on jobs. If something doesn’t look right, you drill down in, see what happened. If you notice a job was unprofitable, you use the data to find out what went wrong and how to fix it. Controllers need a business management solution specifically geared to make-to-order and mixed mode manufacturing.


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