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I'm a Controller

A Day in the Life…

My job isn’t easy by any means, but I like the challenge. I oversee finance, accounting and reporting activities. I present to the rest of management and the audit team and work closely with our other staff. I lead day-to-day finance operations and supervise accounting. The variety is exciting.

Still, there are things that continue to cause problems. Like making sure we have sound systems and procedures in place to support our day to day financial activities. That and adequate data, metrics and financial reporting. I always want more answers. I communicate and work closely with other staff to see how finance can support their operations. I work with our CEO, HR, the IT manager and just about everyone else in this company. Accurate numbers, metrics and real-time data from the plant floor are crucial to me in a custom manufacturing environment like this. To be honest, we need a new ERP solution, one that supplies the numbers and answers we need to stay profitable. We’ve already waited too long.

Controllers and CFOs need an overall picture of accounting and the business

You oversee accounting and drill into financials. Reporting is key: you monitor profitability on jobs. If something doesn’t look right, you drill down in, see what happened. If you notice a job was unprofitable, you use the data to find out what went wrong and how to fix it. Controllers need a business management solution specifically geared to make-to-order and mixed mode manufacturing.

JobBOSS ² Shop Management Software--Superior Technology and Practical Affordability for your long-term growth

Reports from a variety of modules flow into one source—your computer—and make it easy to watch for problems among a small or large workforce. The system provides high level overviews and up-close detail if needed. With Completed Job Cost reports, for example, you can drill into the data and see where the real variance between estimated and actual costs occurred. Dashboards bring you the numbers as well. No need to run 50 reports to get answers; one dashboard summarizes it all.

Analyze, compare and monitor for problems among a small or large workforce

Look at the number of jobs in the shop and what you’re making off each. Are material or overhead costs rising? Where can expenses be reduced? Is the business paying too much in shipping costs? JobBOSS ² lets you slice and dice via Excel charts if you like, so you’re able to identify areas to watch or expenses to cut.

  • JobBOSS ²’s Powerful cost analysis tools give accurate information (either detailed or in summary) for every aspect of the shop floor and the business overall. Analyze completed jobs and jobs still in the shop.
  • Job history helps your shop work lean to decrease cost and time to make a part.
  • Automated real-time metrics make it easy to track and increase employee productivity, see your quote conversion rate, delivery and overall financial performance.

For 30 years, JobBOSS ² has been the leading shop management solution

For small and medium make-to-order and mixed mode manufacturers. Over 7,000 shops worldwide use it today. It gives a controller or CFO the flexibility to run the numbers the way he or she wants. Graphs, charts and metrics provide clear, common sense views of where to take action. Is a purchasing person buying erratically instead of combining materials for better pricing? Is a costly new workcenter paying for itself? It’s all in the numbers. JobBOSS ² provides them.

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