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Learn how JobBOSS2 can help run your manufacturing mode

Contract Manufacturing

Challenges you face:

As a contract manufacturer, you receive orders from your customers with projected delivery dates for multiple quantities of finished goods that can stretch over months and sometimes years. While these long term order commitments are great for your business, you struggle with balancing efficient make quantities for your production environment while ensuring that you are meeting the delivery dates to your customers with their frequent changes to these delivery schedules.

You can rely on JobBOSS² Shop Management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to keep production on point. You are in control to determine good production run quantities that minimize your machine set-up time and maximize your machinery utilization. You gain flexibility to handle changes within the system, and visibility of your jobs and overall business… it’s an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution.

With JobBOSS², everything connects seamlessly.

  • Fast accurate quoting - when RFPs come in, JobBOSS² helps you respond in hours with accurate quotes to a customer’s email, before your competitors.
  • Job History - use past history to expedite new but similar orders, so you work lean. Decrease the cost and time to deliver and ensure customer loyalty.
  • Material Management - JobBOSS² enables time-phased material planning: so you can manage customer-supplied materials, buy direct for jobs, or buy for stock. It integrates material management into your scheduling.
  • Finished Good Material Planning - JobBOSS² provides visibility to your finished good demands, when they are due to your customer and when you need to start a job to ensure you meet the customers’ delivery dates
  • Flexible scheduling - customers change their minds on quantity, scope, design and due dates. JobBOSS² provides the deep functionality to manage change and its shifting dependencies. Quick visibility of the shop floor fixes bottlenecks. JobBOSS²’s visual scheduling board, Whiteboard, provides visibility, what-if scenarios, and a dashboard to manage exceptions.
  • Accurate costing - benefit from in-process and complete job costing broken down by actual labor, overhead, material and outside services. Isolate problems while jobs are in process to protect your margins. JobBOSS² provides detailed cost reporting breakdowns by job—see it all on one report that includes several summary cost options for analysis on a larger scale.
  • Projected revenue - easily see the cash flow that is coming into your business over the next 30, 60, 90 days based on the ship dates and payment terms of your WIP. Delivery dates for contract orders that are not firm, will display as “future” revenue.
  • Automated processes - particularly for contract manufacturers, gaining efficiencies from repeated processes can save man hours and boost profits. Enter data once, share with the shop. Accounting happens automatically and ties over from shop management to eliminate re-keying of data. Choose our JobBOSS² accounting solution (easily handles progress billing) or integrate to QuickBooks.

Flexible, easy-to-use software for long-term growth

  • Easy navigation from back to front office screens allows you to multi-task and reduce overhead.
  • Robust, fully integrated business modules—shop floor to front office to quality, make it easy to manage a small workforce or a multi-site enterprise.
  • Scale your system for the present and grow with JobBOSS² as your needs change. Start with quoting, order entry, material receiving, labor reporting and shipping and grow from there

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