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I'm a Shop Owner

A Day in the Life…

It’s Monday, 7:40 a.m. I’m walking into my office. Already my adrenalin is pumping. I usually go in over the weekend to catch up on all the stuff I can’t get done during the day, once phones start ringing and fires need putting out. That didn’t happen this weekend; my daughter had her dance recital. I’m heading to get some coffee when I overhear an argument about a job that’s running late, because we strung out a payment to a supplier and now they’re stiffing us on materials. Rodriguez, my best machinist, is saying to the foreman, “If we don’t have all the materials, why did you have me do setup? It took me a freakin' hour.”

I don’t want to wade into it, but they see me. Ever the diplomat, I take Tom, my foreman, aside and say, “We’re going to hand deliver a check to Industrial Supply this morning and have that aluminum before noon.” I turn to Rodriguez, clap him on the shoulder and say, “We’ll make the ship date, don’t worry.”

This, before my first cup of coffee.

You own the company, the buck stops here

You give it all you can, but sometimes that’s not enough. If those materials don’t show up on your dock by midday, you may be paying someone a visit, either a supplier or a customer. In the meantime, you have to think about revenue, expenses, and keep the productivity burners on high. And there’s turnover to worry about. Tom won’t quit on you, but Rodriguez may. He’s young and hotheaded, but good. You’ve trained him and you don’t want to lose him.

Implement ERP and ease up on yourself

It’s time for help in the form of a new ERP system, one with deep functionality for the shop and plenty of dashboards and metrics for you. You need a firm handle on what’s going on. Who’s really producing and who isn’t. Which customers are profitable and which aren’t. How should you diversify? Is that whizbang hundred grand workcenter from Sweden really worth the money? Will it be underutilized?

You need answers. You need the shop management software more owners trust than any other.

JobBOSS² Shop Management Software moves your strategic goals forward

With continuous real-time data, tracking and analysis. The system reveals your problems, pitfalls, risks and trends based on daily job activity. It monitors your revenue, expenses, and most of all, your business’s productivity. JobBOSS² keeps an eye on turnover, down-time and ramp-time, even tracking its own adoption rate and effectiveness.

Use JobBOSS² to help manage the chaos and take control

JobBOSS² delivers tight and wide angle views of your business both on the shop floor and the business overall. Where are your opportunities? Your pitfalls? Your future sources of income? A constant stream of real-time data and metrics indicate the most profitable way to control your business.

Within months, accurate estimating, flexible scheduling and efficient routings are moving parts out your door faster than your competition. Metrics to inventory, integrated accounting to preparing for ISO audits, JobBOSS² puts answers at your fingertips.

Have a life outside the office

Golf, boating, family time—why shouldn’t you enjoy them? With JobBOSS² running 24/7, you know the business is running efficiently even when you’re gone. You can always oversee things remotely from your iPad, laptop or mobile phone.

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