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Spring Shop Software

Challenges you face

Spring shops have unique challenges. Work begins before the order hits the shop floor. Quotes must account for unique manufacturing requirements. You may review blueprints or work with customers on design issues. Tight tolerances, exotic materials, strict documentation and repeatability pose challenges, especially if you serve the medical or aerospace markets. For springmakers, administrative and production costs can go sky high without an ERP solution to help manage the business.

JobBOSS² Shop Management Software integrates and streamlines your admin, your shop floor and your CRM. For spring shops, it fosters working lean to deliver bottom line results. So you process jobs efficiently—from fast quoting with the data to easily determine the true cost of each job, to job status, to buying direct to the job and changes in scheduling. Better information leads to lean manufacturing: higher first pass yields and lower inventory. The system provides lot traceability with material certs attached to shipments. Springmaking isn’t just a science, it’s an art. That’s why you need JobBOSS².

With hundreds of installations, JobBOSS² leads the field in shop management for springmakers

  • Order entry for a wide variety of jobs, from prototypes to blanket orders. JobBOSS² handles customer changes and automatically recalculates material and labor on active jobs.
  • A built-in database of materials commonly used by spring shops, including common metal alloys, weights and dimensions. JobBOSS² automatically calculates material requirements based on part dimensions.
  • Lot traceability enables manufacturers to accurately associate materials with specific jobs.
  • Advanced JobBOSS² scheduling visually reflects shop machine load, coordinates material demands and forecasts potential missed delivery dates. It adjusts to customer change requests and shows the impact on the shop schedule.
  • Detailed, summary and part histories track spring costs and profitability trends.
  • Integrated financials, either with JobBOSS² accounting or integration to Quickbooks™ accounting means you only enter financial data once.

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