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JobBOSS² software package options – all software packages available via Cloud or on-premises

If you want a clear picture of what ERP shop management software costs, the simple answer is – it depends. With JobBOSS², you get multiple options for flexible software, platform, and payment terms. We help simplify the choice, and ensure your software meets your business needs and your budget.

All our software packages have a minimum of one user, so you will never be required to pay for a seat you don’t plan to use.

Below are just some of the features that JobBOSS², can offer your business. See which option works best for you and Request a Quote today!





Cloud Based

Inventory Management/Asset

Quality Management


QuickBooks Integration


Order Management

Vendor Management

Customer Management

Consulting Services/Professional Services



Data Collection/Management

File Management


Advanced Accounting

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Scheduling or Quality Control

Both Advanced Scheduling and Quality Control

All Features included in the Silver and Gold Plans

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Cloud or on-premises – which one is right for your shop?

Hosting your JobBOSS² software on our Cloud platform means your JobBOSS² data is housed on a secure remote server, and no on-site hardware or software installation or maintenance is needed. JobBOSS² Cloud requires less time and focus from your technical staff, and is accessible 24/7 on many different internet-enabled devices.

on-premises, on the other hand, means that your business data is maintained on your on-site servers that are accessible through your internal network. As a whole, on-premises solutions provide greater overall control, and can operate without being connected to the internet. on-premises may require an on-site technical staff capable of handling and maintaining such hardware and software.

Interested in learning more about what type of ERP solution is best for your business? Contact a JobBOSS² representative today at (800) 777-4334.

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