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I'm a Shop Floor Employee

A Day in the Life…

I watch my cutting tool slice metal. A stream of blue liquid splashes away the chips. “Where is everyone?” I ask, glancing around. “It seems like it’s just us staying overtime.”

“They’re holding everyone in assembly on overtime too.” Rawlins stares at his computer. Red, green and amber lights blink in the background.

“Even though company policy says ‘no overtime.’” I feed another sheet into my machine.

“Jason‘ll bury the expense. We get this order shipped and we’re heroes.”

“Or maybe we keep our jobs.” I take a look around at the shop floor where I’ve worked for two years. If the new owners do a purge, we could both be history. What about my school loans? Rawlins and his wife have a new baby.

Two hours later I check my phone. It’s 11:15. We’re on the loading dock. The double doors of the truck close, the driver backs up and accelerates onto the dark highway.

I turn to Rawlins. “Congrats.”

“Don’t ask me how we did it.”

With fewer middle managers and a focus on working lean, greater responsibility falls on shopfloor employees

You’re good at what you do but do others know it? Job security is important and so is productivity. You manage your time well. From the minute you walk up to a PC on the shop floor and see your work list, you want things under control and streamlined. When you move on to the next operation, you expect your ERP system to show you organized processes for what’s next. Logging in and out of jobs, opening drawings or pictures, collecting real time information should be easy. Because every minute counts.

JobBOSS² Shop Management Software is a fully integrated ERP solution that increases your productivity and job security

JobBOSS² puts data at your fingertips. Real time information, flexible scheduling and balanced workflows shorten turnaround. The system ensures easy communication between the office and shop floor. With JobBOSS², you see and manage problems quickly. Efficiencies from repeated processes save you man hours.

Automated processes ensure smart time management, especially when the shop is running over capacity

Forget manual processes and paperwork—JobBOSS² automatically documents and streamlines. It provides work lists with what to work on next. Easy login and logout connects you to a breadth of real time information to keep you moving through operations. Take control and look good with JobBOSS².

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