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Challenges you face

You deal with change - with customers altering due dates or quantities on blanket orders, with changing capacity restraints and unpredictable variables of the job. You may produce high part volumes and short runs, many of them complex components produced to exacting tolerances. Visibility of shop floor capacity, along with inventory control of alloys, sheets, coils is essential. Tracking of outside service vendors is also crucial. Your competitiveness relies on ERP to help you plan and purchase materials at optimal times. And to quote, cost and schedule for profitability.

With hundreds of installations in stamping facilities worldwide, JobBOSS² is the leading ERP solution for high volume and short run stampers. JobBOSS² Shop Management Software keeps you in control of inventory, knowing what you have and when you need it to keep blanket orders moving. Cutting edge scheduling reduces lead times and production cycles to save your customers time and money. Be a profitable, high tech high service shop. Choose the software more stampers rely on.

Six reasons JobBOSS² is the stampers’ choice

  1. Quick, accurate quoting - use JobBOSS² to pull in past history or part templates to speed new quotes to customers, or enter a new part to quote on the fly.
  2. Material planning integrated with job runs ensures material availability, to keep production running through the shop. Integrated tracking of outside services keeps jobs on track.
  3. Advanced scheduling supports the types of orders stampers commonly deal with, including blanket and repeat orders.
  4. A built-in materials alloy library allows stampers to create a customized material database for coils, sheets, etc. Return partial coils or sheets to stock the easy way with JobBOSS² material lot tracking.
  5. Detailed, summary and part histories track part costs and profitability trends.
  6. Integrated financials, either with JobBOSS² accounting or integration to Quickbooks™ accounting, means you enter data once and it flows to accounting.

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