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Learn how JobBOSS2 can help run your manufacturing mode

Want to know how JobBOSS² can help you manage your manufacturing mode? You're in the right place.

Make to Stock

Good intuition combined with unerring capacity planning is the way to stay profitable as a make-to-stock manufacturer. The build-ahead production approach based on sales forecasts and/or historical demand requires strong forecasting and sound historical data. To succeed, you need an ERP solution that integrates critical demand, supply and logistics data along with perpetual inventory management and history.


Make to Order

Custom manufacturers and make-to-order manufacturers (MTO) operate the most difficult of all manufacturing environments—one that’s infinitely variable. You carve out your competitive advantage by outperforming the rest of the pack and it’s seldom easy. Work in process can outweigh short term capacity. Bottlenecks can prevent upstream tasks from being processed on time. The clock is running from order to delivery.


Assemble to Order

As an assemble-to-order manufacturer (ATO), you satisfy today’s endless demand for customizable products. But inventory management can be a constant challenge. You need the ability to check inventory levels in real time, and create multilevel bills of materials and work orders. You print and scan barcodes. You may cycle count your inventory and track it by serial, revision or lot numbers, often at locations around the country.


Contract Manufacturing

As a contract manufacturer, you are solution-oriented. You help with part design, manufacturing methods and material selection. Highly engineered, function-critical parts, design services and assemblies are your bread and butter. Flexibility is key and so is dealing with change.


Mixed-Mode Manufacturing

As a mixed-mode manufacturer, you need to be able to process orders for finished goods that you make to stock –whether they are repeat orders or one-off/custom builds.


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