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Learn how JobBOSS2 can help run your manufacturing mode

Assemble to order

Challenges you face:

As an assemble-to-order manufacturer (ATO), you satisfy today’s endless demand for customizable products. But inventory management can be a constant challenge. You need the ability to check inventory levels in real time, and create multilevel bills of materials and work orders. You print and scan barcodes. You may cycle count your inventory and track it by serial, revision or lot numbers, often at locations around the country.

For ATO manufacturers, JobBOSS ² provides an inventory-centric approach. It integrates logistics, inventory and CRM for global, real-time insight into your business. Use it to create BOM common work orders, track thousands of parts, and easily modify kitting and assemblies. With JobBOSS ², you achieve high product variability, quick delivery and tight control of inventory.

Gain 24/7 insight—manage your business from the cloud and maximize profits

JobBOSS ² is designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks. It integrates logistics, inventory management and CRM from the cloud:

  • Automate your workflow from sales order through delivery.
  • Create BOM common work orders and track thousands of parts. Easily modify kitting and assemblies.
  • Instantly update inventory at various locations. Move items from one warehouse to the next. Use barcode scanners to track inventory; cycle count in multiple locations with ease.

Use the built-in dashboards for automatic alerts to respond to issues as they occur. Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and long term trends. Design your own easily configurable reports.

JobBOSS ² demand management helps you keep stock on hand in advance of orders. Forecasting includes history, trends, Pareto analysis and tracking of forecast errors to refine sales predictions.

The system integrates with FedEx, UPS and USPS to help ensure on-time arrival of shipments.

Three exclusive benefits of JobBOSS ²:

  1. One step ahead: Your business is growing. Only JobBOSS ² allows you to take advantage of a cloud solution versus an on-premise solution for increased visibility and control of your business at lower cost. A free app puts it all on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Customer focus: With integrated CRM, you put customers first. Smart and intuitive dashboards display to-do lists, product and pricing info, etc. Check order status in real-time in a central display from any internet-enabled device. Find and send the latest product or delivery info.
  3. End to end collaboration: use the JobBOSS ² digital dashboard to monitor revenues, supplier performance and production planning with 24/7 access from any internet enabled site. Easily connect a third party solution.

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