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Quote Processing Software for Manufacturing

Never Lose a Job Again Because of Delayed Quotes

The simple fact is that delayed quotes result in lost business. Responding quickly is the foundation of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and is a core value in the JobBOSS way of business.

Having immediate access to true labor and materials costs gives you increased accuracy and confidence in your quotes. By ensuring costs are documented, your estimators have the most current figures at their fingertips, so profitability is no longer a guessing game, and employees aren’t relying on a colleague’s memory to quote a job.

With JobBOSS Quote Processing, you know your submitted bids are competitive, while providing the margin to keep your business profitable.

JobBOSS Quote Processing sets the foundation for the best start to each job, allowing you to:

  • Produce quotes accurately and faster than ever before
  • Pull from part history, copy quotes into new orders, and create repeat quotes with ease
  • Check inventory of parts, materials and purchase history during quoting process
  • Forecast profit margins by factoring in every aspect of part cost including routings, labor, materials, quantity breaks, and more
  • Handle multiple quantities—alternate routing, material price breaks and subcontract costs
  • Provide a quick quote or a detailed quote, for single-level and multi-level assemblies
  • Copy data automatically to a job—no re-entry of part information is required
  • Share the quote with the customer via e-mail or fax, without ever leaving JobBOSS
  • See your win rate, and share that detail with sales to understand which quotes turn into sales

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