One Comprehensive Software
For Every Job Shop Need





JobBOSS² and E2 Shop, two industry-leading, homegrown job shop management solutions, are joining forces to create the ultimate software platform for modern manufacturing businesses – JobBOSS2.

JobBOSS2 will give shop owners even more control over how they scale their businesses, grow revenue, and maximize profitability. It's designed to solve the biggest pain points of running high-performing manufacturing businesses in the modern age.

To be clear, JobBOSS2 will be an entirely separate solution from JobBOSS, which means those who want to remain on the legacy JobBOSS platform are more than welcome to do so. Over the coming months, we will share regular updates regarding the launch of JobBOSS2 and announce when the new solution is available for demo.

Making life even easier for modern
job shop owners

JobBOSS2 will provide all the tools and functionality job shops need to stay on top of their day-to-day responsibilities and long-term goals. You can look forward to many exciting product improvements, including:

Industry-leading add-ons
Add-ons that complement JobBOSS2's native capabilities, giving manufacturers one interface that meets all their needs.

Customizable features & workflows
Users can make their software work for their business, rather than the other way around.

Robust Reporting
Fuel decisions based on data and current business and market conditions, rather than estimates.

Streamlined User Experience
Makes it easier for manufacturers to maximize their operational efficiency and act more quickly.

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What's coming next?

Alora Machine Intelligence Platform
This summer, JobBOSS2 will also integrate with Alora, a machine intelligence platform by Data Inventions, Inc. This integration will connect JobBOSS2 data with real-time machine performance to give operators and managers the visibility they need to run business operations more efficiently, improving overall equipment effectiveness and decreasing downtime.

Stay tuned to find out what other great features are coming to JobBOSS2
We are excited for many more add-ons and features that allow shop owners more control over how they scale their business, grow revenue, and maximize profitability.