Thinking about FulcrumPro? Think again.

See for yourself why JobBOSS² is trusted by more companies than any other manufacturing solution.

There’s a reason (several, actually) why JobBOSS² remains the most trusted solution for job shops, machine shops, mixed-mode and contract manufacturers around the world.

With over 35 years of industry leadership and more than 5,000 shops currently running the software, JobBOSS² integrates quoting, order processing, and job tracking to eliminate bottlenecks and boost throughput in your shop.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to why our customers chose JobBOSS² over FulcrumPro.

“I think we’re at a point in manufacturing that if you’re not running off an ERP, you’re getting left behind.”

David DeVandry
DeKing Precision

“If it wasn’t for JobBOSS², the efficiency of our shop would definitely be lacking.”

Isaiah Storey
Vice President
Pinnacle Roller Company

“If we had not gone to the cloud-based system, then we would had to replace our servers at this point.”

Scott White
Denver Machine Shop

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We know that an ERP is a big decision, but if you are reaching the point where Excel is not enough to track your open jobs, you need an ERP solution.

We have a cost-effective annual contract designed specifically for job shops. We have three points of entry, so you can start with the basics and grow with us as your business grows.

Implementation of JobBOSS² takes around 3-6 months to complete. We have a team of experts who employ and teach best practices catered toward job shops.

JobBOSS² a quote-to-cash ERP solution with some MRP functionality, including auto purchase order generation based on job requirements and inventory levels, as well as a Quick View Material Forecast Utility.

JobBOSS² customer support is based entirely in the United States. Our customer service agents have extensive experience helping to keep job shops, machine shops, and mixed mode manufacturers running smoothly.

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JobBOSS² is a native cloud product. However, we also have an on-premises version to accommodate every type of job shop. Our cloud solution is modern, easy to use, and intuitive. We also have a series of mobile apps so that you can take your ERP data anywhere.

You Owe It To Yourself to Compare

See why JobBOSS² wins over FulcrumPro every time.

Category JobBOSS² FulcrumPro
Built-in Financials or Integration X
Real-Time Production Tracking
Cost Analysis
Document Management
Order Management
Inventory Management
Automated or Manual Scheduling
Built-in Quality or Advanced Quality X
Advanced Dashboards and Reporting X
Multi-Currency Support X
Advanced Vendor Management X
Mobile Apps
Compliance Tracking (ISO9001, AS9100, ITAR, CMMC)