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Challenges you face

You not only fabricate sheet metal, you deal with material challenges—sheets, hardware, components. You need a system that aligns with your complex inventory needs. And whether a short or long run fabricator or a laser shop, you cope with constant change. You may design, engineer, test, prototype and custom manufacture as well.

JobBOSS² shop management software aligns with your inventory and material handling needs. For short run fabricators, JobBOSS² gives you control over quick turn jobs. For a long run shop, it handles long production jobs and complex assemblies. In both cases, it streamlines your planning and material handling of sheet sizes, remnants, drops. It shows you material on hand and plans orders to meet future inventory requirements, to maximize price discounts and avoid shortages. JobBOSS² increases throughput by ensuring material availability. All of the same goes for laser shops. The system’s integrated routing adjusts your production schedules to accommodate ever-present change.

The end benefits are control over materials, better throughput and improved on-time deliveries. No excuses. With JobBOSS², you deliver.

JobBOSS² makes fabricators and laser shops more productive

  • Inventory control - sheets, hardware, components. JobBOSS² enables time-phased material planning, automates inventory control and adjusts production schedules accordingly.
  • Flexible scheduling - customers change their minds: quantity, scope, design, due dates. JobBOSS² provides the deep functionality to manage change and its shifting dependencies.
  • Real time information - shortens turnaround. Achieve real time access to material on hand, run times and production runs. Monitor labor costs and material usages for timely decision making. Gain jobs by working faster than the competition.
  • Job history - helps you work lean to decrease cost and time to make a part, which leads to customer loyalty.
  • Automated real time metrics - via dashboards make it easy to track and increase employee productivity, see your quote conversion rate, delivery and financial performance, etc.

Flexible, easy-to-use software for long-term growth

  • Easy navigation from back to front office screens allows you to multi-task and reduce overhead. JobBOSS² supports BOM import and integrates with SolidWorks for complex bill of material.
  • Robust, fully integrated business modules from shop floor to front office to quality, make it easy to manage a small workforce or multi-site enterprise.
  • Scale your system for the present and grow with JobBOSS² as needs change. Start with quoting, order entry, material receiving, labor reporting and shipping. Use the JobBOSS² accounting solution or integrate to Quickbooks™ for a completely integrated solution.

Customer Success Story: Steel Plate Fabricators

JobBOSS² gave Steel Plate Fabricators a way to digitally and accurately track jobs and collect data. Josh Loftis, General Manager, stations computer terminals throughout the shop to easily keep time and document employee hours. He uses the standardized reports to collect the data needed for improvements and performance review. His most frequently visited reports are the Backlog Summary weekly, the Inventory Summary monthly, and the Customer Summary quarterly. Josh's willingness to innovate and adapt to technology has helped him understand which customers are most profitable and which jobs are not worth the resources, ultimately boosting profitability and employee retention.

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