Intuit QuickBooks and Sage 50 Canadian Accounting Integration

Don’t Give Up Your Favorite Accounting Software—Enhance It with JobBOSS

Many small manufacturers use multiple systems to run their business which causes an accountant or bookkeeper to use multiple systems to reconcile business transactions. The result? A lack of real-time visibility, efficiency and accuracy in overall operations.

A simple solution exists. JobBOSS² integrates with Intuit QuickBooks® and Sage 50®, building on the way you do business today instead of starting from scratch. Regardless of which accounting package you use, you can now drill down into details of any operation and track it through financial reconciliation. Clear dashboards, ‘To Do’ lists and alerts keep you proactive and on top of your business. It’s the simple and seamless way to go.

Enter Data Once, and Reduce Preventable Mistakes

When QuickBooks or Sage 50 is used with JobBOSS², data is entered once and transfers seamlessly between the two applications. The time your employees spend entering data will be reduced and your data will be more reliable.

QuickBooks and Sage 50 integrate with JobBOSS² to deliver operational flexibility and simplicity. You can keep your accounts and business data up to date by:

  • Using the same login details to switch effortlessly between solutions
  • Automatically syncing your customer and vendor information
  • Entering data only once to reduce errors and improve productivity
  • Leveraging additional reporting capabilities