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Labor/Data Collection Software for Manufacturing

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Eliminate Manual Data Entry and Ensure Accurate Job Costs

JobBOSS Labor/Data Collection gives you complete visibility and control over current activity on your shop floor—you know exactly which job each employee is working on and can precisely monitor labor hours. By knowing which employees are most efficient on various types of work, you can evaluate employee performance and manage profitability.

It’s a simple calculation. Direct hours make you money and indirect/overtime hours could lose you money. Shop owners and managers are often tasked with reducing direct to indirect labor. Having a system that gives you quick visibility into direct, indirect and overtime hours can help you better manage this key business indicator. With accurate data collection you can reduce expensive errors and waste.

Improve and Simplify Data Collection, and Reduce Data Entry Errors

With JobBOSS Data Collection you can keep track of how much labor goes into each job and review powerful costing reports to make sure you are profitable on each job. You can catch jobs that could be "losers" before they get out of hand and while you still can take corrective action.

JobBOSS Labor/Data Collection is a very flexible management system, allowing employees enter data directly using strategically placed input devices such as keyboards, bar-code wands, computer monitors, and touch screens, which helps reduce or eliminate data entry errors. Also, with JobBOSS you have a wireless option so that you can access the system from any of your mobile devices.
Your shop and office managers stay informed so they can easily answer customer questions and efficiently schedule the shop.

Real-time activity on the shop floor is at your fingertips with JobBOSS Data Collection, letting you easily:

  • Manage work assignments based on material and operator availability, and schedule employee work hours online
  • Put the power in the operators’ hands, letting them work off of dispatch lists to select their next jobs
  • Add floor notes into time-entry to improve communication back to the job
  • Manage clocking-in processes, and choose options for breaks, overtime, or holiday pay
  • Eliminate manual data entry with real-time data and automatically validate to improve accuracy
  • View drawings, travelers and other attachments online, when and where you need the information
  • Reduce scrap and rework, a lean initiative that directly contributes to overall company profitability
  • Transfer time and attendance data to JobBOSS or QuickBooks Payroll automatically or export information to any third-party payroll.
  • Eliminate hard-to-read handwritten shop cards and time tickets with the JobBOSS bar-coded traveler/Shop

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