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Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Food and beverage manufacturing all-in-one ERP, simplified.

Exact for Manufacturing is the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system that food manufacturers choose for its high value, no-headache solutions. Ease of use and implementation combined with strong business management—inventory control, recipe management, planning, accountability and food safety, labor and costing—make your life easier. The system provides:

  • Batch recipe management
  • Electronic document management
  • Inventory optimization and materials management
  • Integrated financials with QuickBooks
  • Quality and supply chain management
  • Low upfront costs and rapid implementation
  • All the benefits of cloud-based computing

Inventory management with visibility and control

Inventory is your largest cost - to manage it efficiently you need more than paper and spreadsheets. To compete in the food industry requires full visibility of inventory plus automated processes that can handle shorter shelf life, stock rotation, inventory visibility, and lot traceability – all key data that need to be balanced for optimal inventory management.

With Exact for Manufacturing your employees have access to on-hand inventories and historical demand.

  • Inventory receiving and tracking
  • Inventory location
  • Inventory management and planning tools
  • Expiration Analysis

Accountability and food safety

Food safety is paramount. Exact for Manufacturing simplifies your swift response to any possible inquiries or recall events with:

  • Audit trails / lot tracking
  • Documentation of critical control points
  • One step back, one step forward tracking

Whatever your niche—private label, fresh, frozen or prepared food products—Exact for Manufacturing drives efficiency

Speed to market — Incorporate new recipes, ingredients, flavors, textures, nutrients… or reduce calories, allergens or preservatives with Exact for Manufacturing
Lower operational costs — Use Exact for Manufacturing to drive efficiency and improve margins:

  • Control your allocation of inventory
  • Monitor losses and labor with standardized workflow and automated reporting
  • Track variation in yields, product quality and shelf life
  • Optimize your forecasts and manage ingredients labeling
  • Produce an audit trail and gain history and records for easier adherence to HACCP

Fast to implement + easy to use = rapid ROI

You can count on Exact for Manufacturing for enhanced efficiency, increased productivity and better visibility of the business because employees will quickly embrace the new system.

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  • Traditional user interface — the software acts and feels like systems your employees already use, such as Word, Outlook and Excel. Its ERP interface is built on functionality they know and like.
  • Personalized home pages — with quick links to often used windows, single click access to favorite reports, automatic reminders (due dates, invoicing, etc.).
  • Easy tailoring to specific roles — estimating, accounting, HR, production floor, shipping: the system can be tuned to your employees’ duties.
  • Early and widespread adoption — no one’s intimidated. Exact for Manufacturing is intuitive and works in familiar ways.
  • Lower training costs — employees pick it up quickly with minimal training. No need for lengthy courses or lost productivity.

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The JobBOSS Consulting team is committed to partnering with you to ensure the successful implementation of your new Exact for Manufacturing software.
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Designed for use with QuickBooks Online

Exact for Manufacturing and QuickBooks’ Accounting software make a perfect match, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your accounts with your business operations in the cloud. Accounting happens automatically each month throughout sampling, research, formulation, quality, compliance, inventory, scheduling, production and delivery processes.

  • Gain full integration of inventory, sales orders and purchasing into QuickBooks general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • See granular transactions. Optimize cash flow. No re-keying of data.

Cloud ERP makes perfect sense for small and medium-sized food manufacturers

  • Exact for Manufacturing is cloud-based, fully integrated ERP software that offers cost, ease and security advantages over on-premise software.
  • Another plus—mobile transactions via the cloud keep you informed and in charge from anywhere.
  • Scale your system for the present; add modules as your business grows. Exact for Manufacturing makes it easy to manage a small workforce or multi-site enterprise.

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